Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Beratkah Dugaan Itu?

Allah tidak membebankan seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya. Ia mendapat pahala kebaikan yang di usahakannya, dan ia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang diusahakannya. (Mereka berdoa dan berkata): "Wahai Tuhan kami! Janganlah Engkau mengirakan kami salah jika kami lupa atau kami tersalah. Wahai Tuhan kami! janganlah Engkau bebankan kepada kami bebanan yang berat sebagaimana yang telah Engkau bebankan kepada orang-orang yang terdahulu daripada kami. Wahai Tuhan kami! Janganlah Engkau pikulkan kepada kami apa yang kami tidak terdaya memikulnya. Dan maafkanlah kesalahan kami, dan berilah rahmat kepada kami, dan beri Penolong kami oleh itu, tolonglah kami untuk mencapai kemenangan terhadap kaum-kaum yang kafir".

~renungan utk diri sendiri by Luvin Hanin~

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Do's & Dont's of Modern Dating

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


-explain about when u r looking 4 sum1 n wanna dating with him/her-

*The most important is once when u get him or her, plz don’t betray! It’s hurt! then, when both of u spent time together,plz put aside ur phone, ignore any call or sms from ur friend EXCEPT u have work to do n its ur family members make a call. U don’t know what ur couple thinks once u “asyik” with ur phone :)*

lets start okey :- We’re over a decade into a new century, and it’s obvious that dating isn’t the same “dinner and a movie”  game it used to be(i used to do it). We’re still figuring out how to make the language of love translate over the Internet, email, YM, and late-night messaging.

new rules of the dating game for modern singles :

DO talk to potential dates over the phone first

♥ You can get critical information about a person on the phone versus on email — his or her personality, the tone of voice, how trustworthy this person sounds. People’s comments flow out of their mouths more naturally when they’re speaking than on email, where you can think through things before you send them. If you can’t have a good 15- or 20-minute conversation on the phone, how on earth will you spend a two-hour date? If you don’t like what you hear, you can bow out. Your time is yours, there’s nothing wrong with that 

DON’T short-change your dates

♥ With so much going on in our lives these days ( cell phone going off in between), we get caught up in trying to do too much... and the same goes with dating. If you’re trying to fit in two or three dates a week, or coffee with one person and dinner with another, you’ll do your head in — and that’s not fair to you or your date. So, slow down! Make it your goal for each date that you’ll give the person a sincere chance instead of judging him or her like you’re speed-dating 

DO be honest about you what want upfront

♥ These days, the lines in the dating world are so blurred, it’s hard to know where you are and where you’re going. But just know that if you settle for something in the beginning of a relationship, you can’t go back. For instance, if instead of going on a dinner and a movie date you move into being friends with benefits, you’ve created a pattern that’s not likely to change. And if your date is seeing three other people when you first start dating, you’d better be OK with that three months later, because that’s the deal you signed on for. So, decide what you want at the very start — and don’t settle for less! 
DON’T over-text your dates

♥ If you sent a text message and he or she didn’t write back right away, don’t think: ‘Oh, maybe he or she didn’t get my message.’ Maybe .0001 of the time the message doesn’t go through, but the rest of the time, it’s pretty reliable. This person got your message. One text or email is really enough, or else you’ll look too needy. 
DO give your online profile a positive spin

♥ Honesty is great, but so is being positive. Your profile shouldn’t sound harsh or complaining in its tone. It’s possible to put a positive spin on truthful (but negative-sounding) things. You can tweak the phrasing of even the most neutral detail (like a dislike for working out) to make it sound positive by conveying the details of your character. For example, I helped one man who did not like to work out in order to cast a positive light on that trait by writing: ‘I much prefer to walk along the ocean than to walk on a treadmill going nowhere 

DON’T get talked into spilling your intimate secrets

♥ If someone asks you, ‘So, how many people have you dated?’ or ‘So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done before?’ — resist the urge to answer! A person’s numbers count holds so much judgment. The ‘right’ number is different for everybody, and whether you’ve had a lot of partners or hardly any, it leads to all sorts of assumptions: that you’re promiscuous, you’re a prude, etc. So if your date asks, simply say: ‘I never kiss and tell.’ The other question can be handled the same way. Those nitty-gritty details can always come later!♥ 
DO go out on group dates to meet more people

It’s not just for high-schoolers anymore. More and more people are going out in groups for dinner or parties, and it’s a great way to meet people in a less-pressured environment. But if you meet someone you like, don’t wait until the end of the night to express it; he or she might leave early. So don’t be shy... take the initiative! Seek the person out, make contact, and don’t leave without that number.

DO use old-fashioned manners

♥ It may be a modern world, but a woman ultimately wants a man with old-fashioned manners, and a man ultimately wants to be that person for her. So men, pick a woman up for a date, take her to dinner, open the door for her. Don’t assume she won’t let you. Then, women: Let him open the door for you and tell him know how much you appreciate him taking you out, because most of my male clients say they don’t feel appreciated anymore. You can really win each other over with old-fashioned manners.

- credited to

Sunday, 13 November 2011

CoLoUrS & Me~

In the name of Allah..
Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hello BloVers.. how r u doing? Hopefully all of u in the pink of health..also wealth..
uishh..pndai2 jer maen tambah2 plak kan..huhuhu
by the way, Alhamdulillah kte masih boleh bernafas di dunia ini, dpt melihat & bersama yg tersayang, kan3..??

okies, now let’s move to our main point today..(hri ni kte ringkas2 jer k)
but b4 that, i wanna ask u Q, 2 jer.. (jwb dgn pnuh kejujuran tau, xbaek menipu..hihi)

r u ready??!!

·         Do u love colourful?
·         Do u Love to see rainbow?

if u ask me, i will say I loooveee it SO much tau..

sbb utama knp sy minat sgt2 dgn kalerpul ni ialah:-

# hidup ni kan pelbagai ragam, jdi nk menceriakan hidup kte mstilah dgn sumtin yg berwarna-warni.. x g2?hihihi
-       Contohnya cam kek besday Irfan smlm 12hb 11 (cheese cake, recipe from my sis) biru lgi tuu..huhuhu

# time study, kalo de note yg wane wani rase cm bersemangat jer nk membaca
-       Eg: my note utk hafal for midterm on tues 15hb 11 nnti (not memorize it yet)

sebenarnya  just nk btau kat cni.. sy seorang yg sukakan sumtin yg colourful.
so, its mean ia membawa keceriaan dlm hidup sy..

sehingga berjumpa lagi di lain waktu ya...
mishh ya all~

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Apa Yang Saya Suka??

Assalamualaikum BloVers~

Bagaimana kehidupan kamoo semua sikalang?Manyak hepi ka? Kalo begitu, bgus2..
Amoi pun mau tumpang suka sama kamoo jugaa..bulih ka?hihi
Hari ini, mood amoi xbilapa mau baek lah.. EN~tahlah kinapa..
Walaupun bigitu, amoi tetap mau tulih2 dlm ini blog..
Sebabnya amoi ade idea lah plak time xdek mood supa bikini bigini..

Amoi xsuka membebel panjang lebar bergulung2 tayar lori berpusing..
Masham macam biasa la.. tengok aja peta otak dan
minda amoi ni ya...

Here, Q & A  pasai apa yang amoi suka..
amoi tanya..amoi jawab sendili..hahaha

Q :Kinapa amoi suka minum air putih??
A: ntahla..amoi tarak tau..bgi amoi, xdak air putih,, xboleh hidup...
aduh, aduh duh duh duh..
setiap kali pigi mana2, msti ade itu 1botol air maa..
xkirala air mineral ka, air masak ka..
termasuklah setiap kali nk tido, msti ada air maa..
kalo x, mau nanges tgh2 mlm bila lapar ka, dahaga ka..

Q: Muka amoi manyak cantik ka bila selalu suka minum air?
A : tarak jugak..tpi bulih la..jerawat itu mcam tetap xmau tgal tmpat laen ma..
musti mau  duduk kat muka amoi jugak..
tpi, xbilapa manyak la..

Q: kinapa amoi suka maen masak2 ja?
A: amoi suka cuba2 apa2 aja yg ada kat dunia ni..
kalo amoi pndai msk sesuatu tu, amoi xkan  cuba resipi lain dah.
amoi akan selalu buat itu resipi saja..
jdi, sbb tu amoi suka maen masak2 aja..
sbb amoi msk xsedap maa..hahahaha

Q: kamoo suka pigi jalan2 mana?
A: amoi suka jalan2 kat  atas jalan raya dalam kereta la..
 jungle tracking pun best jugak tuh..huhu..
amoi xkisah sebenarnya.yg pnting, musti mau kuar dri penjara cinta ilmu ini sekali skala..
sapa2 yg mau ajak amoi p jalan2 ka??

adehhla..amoi rase setakat tu dlulah untuk kali ni yerk.
amoi penat dh ni..
mud moi dh pun kmbali..
thanks cayang <3

bubye ebelibadi~

Friday, 4 November 2011

How To Be Effective Tutors?

In the Name of Allah...

1st of all, i wanna ask u, u n u dear...who gonna be a teacher? and,who would like to be a teacher? 

do u know, this type of carier is the noblest carier in this world?  no ha?so now, u already know rite?

so, b4 we are going to be a teacher, we have to know how to be an effective teacher or tutor first.. it's not wrong when we claim that sum1 who are born  to be a teacher or have natural tendency to be a teacher, but, we also have to learn sumtin to improve our is rite?

okies, now let's take a look how to be an effective tutors..

We have remember to:-

1)HAVE the lesson ready

2) TALK clearly


4) Tell the student when the answer is RIGHT

5)CORRECT Mistake. STOP give the right answer, but we have to ask student to correct it.

6) PRAISE good work

7) make the lesson FUN

8)do not give TOO MUCH help

9) FILL OUT the daily sheet

so, hopefully its can be our guidance to be the best n successful teacher.. isn't it?

Good Luck to all of u.. gambate!

:-(  not ready to be a teacher yet.. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Peneroka Day Happening Giler~

In The Name of Allah..

Assalamualaikum sumer..
Lame btul la xtmbah pape kt blog ni kan..sunyi sepi tanpa kunjungan dan bw..
sory ya..bru start wat part time la..sbb tu bz ckit.. nk cter cikit pasal 2 day yg amat memenatkan otak, kaki dan badan..
disebabkan menggatal nk keje sementara nk tunggu raya n bukak sem baru, 
saya am keputusan nk kje..
jadi,  kejela sy di kg yg menyediakan stok bahulu yg amt sedap di daerah wilayah phg ni...
x cayer?try la dulu..he

o, mls nk menconteng byk2, so jom tgk carta aliran mudah..
sng nk paham n nk bca kan..

1st day - 06.07.2011
7.30 pg :bertolak ke Stadium Mini Nadi Kota Bdr Jengka
-sampai2 je kemas booth
menjual la smpai kul 8.30 mlm..
(Solat xpernah tinggal tau..surau disediakan..he)
-balik umah suh ank sedare urut kaki..lenguh weh berdiri lame, nk tarik pelanggan..pastu tido pas tgk bam bam boom

~tumpang glamor Angeline Tan aka LUCY kt booth felda..
depan booth den je, sokmo dpt mkn Sajimie free n cendol..haha..kenyang woo duk c2.. Chef Yang Jamil, Chef zselebriti 1Malaysia..
jenal x?haha..
ni la booth yg den jaga tu..

2nd day - 07/07/2011
7.30 : bertolak ke Stadium cm smlm
-smpai2 je kna kemas booth biar teratur, sbb PM nk dtg melawat..
-tunggu smpai kul 12 lbih bru PM masuk, then bru pengunjung len dpt msuk..
-msa tunggu tu bosan, sejuk n mengantuk gler lah..
-kul 1 :pengunjung berdesup2 masuk..yelah peneroka2 dri seluruh negara dtg berkunjung ke sini kan..
kul 2 lebih dh berkurang sbb sume g nek bas dh..nk blik negeri msg2..
kul 4.30 :kemas2 booth
kul 5: menuju ke UiTM jengka plak..ade booth kt sne plak..
jalan2 ckit, pastu jga gerai n kul 6.30 tutup.. jelah kot..penatla..kaki lenguh pun xhabis2 lagi ni..
ade sape2 yg tlg urut kan?hehe

ape yg saya dapat?
-keyakinan berdepan dgn org ramai n ade  sifat xtahu malu untuk pasarkan produk sndrik..

Monday, 4 July 2011


In The Name of Allah


Hello BloVers..sihatkah anda hari ini? Eh3..nk pi mane tu?
Mehla singgah bace entry kali ni..
Jap je..sure punyer..

Anda pernah wat silap x?  alaa..mengaku jela..
Xpyh nk malu2..hihi
Erm..kali n ink ckp ckit pasal aku& kesilapan..
Bukan dgn manusia or dgn Allah yg Maha Kuasa..
Akan tetapi kesilapan kerana kebodohan  kenaifan diri sendirik..

Cmnila.. cter ni masa sy kecik2 dlu..
Yelah kan..budak hingusan lagik..(besar pun sme jerk..cmtu gak)
Bile dlm kete, mase otw nk g mane2..aspecially nk blik kg la kan..
Selalu perhatikan SIGNBOARD kat tepi2 jalan..
Mcm2 feel corak bentuk n tulisan ader..

Yg xleh blah sign board cm kt bwh ni ha..

Erk, cm xde pape pun kan?tpi korg nk thu pe yg sy ske bc  signboard kt ats tuh..meh tgk bwh..

Haha..time tgk SB tu slalu la duk crik..
Xdek pun..ermm..myb kt dlm hutan2 tu kot..

Ha..bgitulah cternye smpailah nk besar..
bru lah mule fhm ape tu SELEKOH!

Story 2 :

Ustazah kt sekolah rendah slalu pesan..nnti besar jg AURAT..
Pastu ble ckp dgn kwn2.. eh,  jagalah URAT ko tue..
Nanti timbul baru tahu..

N Then, it’s repeated by my nephew..
“atok, ni AURAT atuk dh timbul2”- smbil tgnnyer memegang tgn atok
Yg penuh dgn urat2 wane biru..

Hahaha..tu jelah nk share kali ni..

Sunday, 3 July 2011

HaNiN FelTy CraFtY~

In The Name of Allah

Hello BloVers…

Dah lame hupdate blog, jadi hri nih nk hupdate ckit..
Tapi xmo tulih pape pun..Cuma, nk share brg2 CRAFT yg xseberapa..
Cuma minat buat..pastu simpan..haha
Tapi…agak2 ade ke yg nak TEMPAH kat saya?ekeke (perasan plak)
confirm la xdek yg berkenan kan..

Okeylah..jom usha craft yg kuno nih..he

Ha..amacam? all in 1  kan?
(malas nk ltk satu2 sbnrnye..mase xberapa nk ade)
Sume2 yg de kat atas tu sy wat sendirik..berpandukan en google..hihi..

So, itu saje je la kot rase nye..
Kalo berminat bagitahulah yer..
InsyaAllah sy akn cuba tunaikan..


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"Cutest Baby Smiling Contest"

In the Name Of Allah


Sinar Raudah  ada wat contest cam banner kat atas.. teringin plak nak mencuba nasib untuk my baby boy. Tarikh tutupnya 1 July..jadi, ada masa lagi untuk sape2 yg nk join.hehehe.
So, ni la gambar yg dipertaruhkan..



p/s= spectacles yg dipakai hanyalah maenan semate2, tidak mempunyai power pun..juz for snap pic.hopefully my son's eyes xterjejas..namo marah2 k bgik ank sy pkai spec skejap..he..

Friday, 24 June 2011


In The Name of Allah...

Hello Blovers~

Anda ni kaki snap pic? But just use common camera? Teringin  nak pkai DSLR,  Tapi ...x mampu sebab harganya yg terlalu tinggi? Once u have it, wah, ini dunia ana 
yang funya lah..then , brulah Nampak gah kan?

 Ha.. inilah masa yg ditunggu-tunggu…anda berpeluang untuk memiliki DSLR dgn 
harga yg lebih murah..but it is not 1st  hand lah sayang..2nd hand jer..berminat x?

My friend nak let go her DSLR sbb dye dh x gune dah.. dye beli pun semate2 
untuk  skill photography at our University.. just use it for 2 sem jer (8 month)..

Okeyh, kalo interested, meh kite tengok specification dye :

-         Once u buy it, u will get free bag n tripod
-         Its use standard lens ( 18-55mm)
-         Baru beli tahun lepas dlm bulan 8
-         Guna for 2 sem (8 month) jer
-         Mase beli dulu, 1 set +cover lens ( clear, slim, UV protection)
-         The most important its price .. Rm 1400..boleh negotiate lgik kalo pandai.. (CASH N CARRY TAU, EXCEPT IIUM STUDENT SBB DKT, LEH CRI..HAHAHA)

For Sale As Soon As Possible (ASAP), but until 27th June 2011 jer harga kat atas.
.more than  that,  myb up, Grab  it Now!

Sape2 yang berminat can comment here, but better send me an e-mail at
Then, I will give u my friend contact number. So, u can contact her directly.. okeyh?

alamk..terlupe plak nk bgthu our location..hehe..sory..kitorang stay kat IIUM Gombak Selangor.jadi, kalo yg jauh tu cmne la nk beli kan..xkan nk pos barang baek cmtu..


Thursday, 23 June 2011

~NewBie Was Here! ~

In The Name of Allah..

Hello BloVers..

Today I nak wat segmen lah..erk..not famous amous segmen, but just to introduce 
newbies in our 
blogging world..leh x?

< Eh, ko apehal nk wat segmen2 cm gini?ko hingat ko tu dah famous menjulang tinggi ker? >

Maybe akan ader yg ckp gitu, tpi niat kat hati ni xlah perasan cm gtu..I know who am I.. 
followers pun berape, entry ckit plak tue.. dhla blog ntah hape2..xcantik cm blog org len..

I do this becoz I concern to others..newbies & for those people yg jarang dpt update blog..kecian tau..(including me!)
ade yg xberape reti cmne nk berjalan2 kt sni.. I mean, BlogWalking…
 xreti nak terjah menerjah, nk sampaikan salam..
so, ape lah salah kalo I wat bnda kecik ni.. x dek kaco ular bulu nk makan daun 
dlm blog org len pun kan?

Selain tu, nk la newbies tu ade rmai follower (even  I punyer follower pun leh dikira dgn
 jari lgik..hehe), nak perkenalkan blogshop, blog newbies nie.. and after this newbies
 ni dh leh hidup ble dh de kwn2 di sisi mereka.. x ke gitu kwn2?

Hehe..i hope adela yg support me..yg xpuas hati tu, I’m sorry okeh..

Okeyh, my first chosen Newbie yg nak diperkenalkan ialah :

~ My sister blog.. boleh jdi blog n blogshop  gak..jemput2lah dtg even bru 1st entry.. try to update n korg pasti akan terpesona sbb kebanyakannya ialah Desert like cake, tart, tiramisu..owh, so yummy!  Serious gler I cakap.. ~

~faten's blog.. nice and simple..just like her tagline..budak kecik conteng-conteng

Erm, I think 2 je dah cukup kot..nti kalo mase tgh BW n nampak newbie, i post it here eh..jenguk2lah mereka n me too..hehe.. bubye all..

~Flying Kissing Randomly~ 

p/s : kalo de kwn2 yg nk suh postkan kat cni pun me keyh