Friday, 4 November 2011

How To Be Effective Tutors?

In the Name of Allah...

1st of all, i wanna ask u, u n u dear...who gonna be a teacher? and,who would like to be a teacher? 

do u know, this type of carier is the noblest carier in this world?  no ha?so now, u already know rite?

so, b4 we are going to be a teacher, we have to know how to be an effective teacher or tutor first.. it's not wrong when we claim that sum1 who are born  to be a teacher or have natural tendency to be a teacher, but, we also have to learn sumtin to improve our is rite?

okies, now let's take a look how to be an effective tutors..

We have remember to:-

1)HAVE the lesson ready

2) TALK clearly


4) Tell the student when the answer is RIGHT

5)CORRECT Mistake. STOP give the right answer, but we have to ask student to correct it.

6) PRAISE good work

7) make the lesson FUN

8)do not give TOO MUCH help

9) FILL OUT the daily sheet

so, hopefully its can be our guidance to be the best n successful teacher.. isn't it?

Good Luck to all of u.. gambate!

:-(  not ready to be a teacher yet.. 

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